Study for Strategic Foresight & Planning for Doiran Lake

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In the period October 2019 – April 2020, a study for Strategic Foresight & Planning for Doiran Lake was developed. The strategic foresight and planning of the future mean envisioning where the Doiran Lake socio-technological-economical-environmental system may and can be 2 decades from now.

This study represents a conceptual bundle of the most necessary components, mechanisms, and principles that are outlined for our area of interest – the transboundary Doiran Lake, with the aim to facilitate stakeholder action, serve as inspiration for various effective activities and be a governance booklet for ‘the why,’ ‘the what’ and ‘the how’ to reason and act. Adaptation to circumstances needs to be complemented with initiating positive change for Doiran Lake ecosystem salvation, rehabilitation, and sustaining, predominantly from managerial and self-managerial point of view. Hopefully, that will result in a chance being given to the natural mechanisms and systems to do their part of the story.

The study was developed by GAUSS Institute – Foundation for New Technologies, Innovations and Knowledge Transfer and can be downloaded here..(.pdf)

The study corresponds to project deliverables D3.4.1 Strategic Foresight / Coparticipating, D3.4.2 Scenario Analysis , D3.4.3 Long Term Strategies.