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The methodology and approach chosen is to activate a first vertical and horizontal integration of issues, actors and policy tools. The approach followed involves the following Work Packages:

  • WP1: Project Management and Coordination,
  • WP2: Communication & dissemination
  • WP3: Master Plan Study of the Lake,
  • WP4: Ecosystem’s Management-Awareness-Education,
  • WP5: Installation & Telemetric Network operation and
  • WP6: Small scale infrastructure for the Cleaning works of the Lake.

Each WP includes the most suitable activities and tools in order to achieve the expected results and objectives of the project, in regard to the chosen Priority Axis and the given timetable.

WP1 includes the project meetings held by the partners, monitoring the overall process actions and the activities regarding the management, the coordination of the project and the partner’s meetings. Partners will be in constant touch using new communication technologies so as to manage internal integration issues and evaluate the progress and effectiveness of each action and the overall results at the completion of the project. This WP will define the overall approach of the project and contribute to the overall aim of the project.

WP2 includes the dissemination activities and aims to adequately inform the population about the project. Distribution of brochures, newsletters, press releases, a webpage monitoring and presenting the progress of the project, a project logo and slogan will be utilized to reach target groups and the organization of the final event.

Following in WP3 will be contacted the stage of the Lake’s Master Plan Study. In this WP the goal is to establish a long-term sustainable participatory strategic plan.For the purpose of the study, it would be used innovative tools like the Scenario Analysis, Strategies for addressing the Long Term Care and at least the implementing a Consultation.

The necessary organization and operation measures will be established in WP4, for the preservation of protected objects. Moreover, the WP will refine the conditions and business activity restrictions and works with the directions and priorities for the effective protection, management and restoration of objects will analytically determine protected against the case. In addition, the management plan will be accompanied by action plans necessary measures specifying, actions, projects and programs, phases, cost, sources and funding agencies and their timetable and their implementing agencies . The basic body of the studies (in WP3 & WP 4) will show the principles and the strategic axes of the Doirani Lake ecosystem for the following years. In this WP, it is also provided a series of actions aimed at developing collaborative networks for environmental education, awareness and volunteering for local residents (farmers, entrepreneurs), local actors (administration, staff) and predominantly new to embedded firstly a green behavior on the other volunteer culture. In addition, it provides for the formation of a coordination plan and joint training in natural risk management mechanisms as well as the connection – working with internal and external crisis centers.

WP5 is concerning the permanent, continuous, organized and usable monitoring throughout the 24 hours of qualitative and quantitative parameters of surface and groundwater, with the operation of the necessary infrastructure with very low or no cost telemetry and operating and maintenance costs. It is provided, therefore, supply, installation and operation of a modern measurement electronics and tele qualitative and quantitative water parameters and telemetric network (h/w and s/w).

WP6 is provided a number of projects and activities which will contribute to improving the access infrastructure and the beauty of the lake. Specifically, the work will be carried out around the surrounding lake, divided into two parts: a) works at the pier next to the museum and b) works to be performed on the path located on the banks of Lake.

There will be interventions artificial branch (overflow channel) and streams to improve water discharge:

a) Maintenance and rehabilitation of the existing overflow channel and

b) Cleaning the overflow channel of vegetation and waste.

c) cutting, uprooting , removal of existing trees in the channel.

They will place various water treatment works:

a) cutting, uprooting and removal of trees located in the pond due to risk and

b) Remove all trash (paper, leaves, etc.) in the project area and ejecting them into suitable choro.

For the gates of the pond and their modernization will installed management software such as to allow the remote automatic mode. The last works refer to upgrade the Lake Museum surroundings by building a certified playground in public spaces (OT G56 & G57) near the museum plot. In terms doirani provides inter alia the supply of two lake cleaning vessels, which will be used across the lake and cleaning work.