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The project targets the areas of Dojran and Kilkis. The Dojran Lake and its catchment area are very important sources for the public, industrial and especially agricultural water supply.

Doiran Lake is a lake with an area of 43.1 km² shared between the Republic of North Macedonia (27.3 km²) and Greece (15.8 km²). To the west is the city of Nov Dojran, to the east the village of Mouries, to the north the mountain Belasica/Beles and to the south the Greek town of Doirani. The Doirani Wetland is home to many species of wildlife. The Greek part of the lake has been included in the List of Special Protection Zones.


Vegetation is the basis of all life for the lake, since it provides home, shelter, and food to a host of organisms, while the roots of the plants help to retain and stabilize the soil. All the species, from the duckweed to the ancient plane trees contribute to the balanced survival of a complex and invaluable ecosystem. People living around the lake are approximately 9,000 working mainly in agriculture, fisheries and animal husbandry.

Due to the overuse of the lake’s water for agricultural purposes in recent years, Doiran’s water nearly drained out but the disaster was avoided after the countries took measures to replenish and sustain the lake’s water levels. Frequent and heavy rainfalls, in last years, also helped restoring the lake’s water levels. This region has the highest average annual temperatures in the Republic of North Macedonia and is also a socio-economic and ecological crisis area, due to the effects from climate change and human activities.

Dojran Mountains

Cooperation & good relations between Municipalities of Kilkis & Dojran are continuous due to their common borders & especially the lake as common focal interest & bond. Possible actions are permanently discussed to secure the situation of the lake, boost economic & cultural development around it & enhance its sustainable role for both sides.