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Expected outputs of Plan D.oiran

  1. Gathering and record data related to all the activity around the lake and land exploitation
  2. Gathering and assessment of available studies related to the lake and the surrounding areas
  3. Planning and suggestions for overall strategy and spatial development of the eligible areas.
  4. Designing a long-term strategic plan involving suggested development actions based on sustainability principles and scenario methodology.
  5. Executing of management plan of Doiran lake (define the organizational and operational measures for the conservation of protected species , expertise in terms and restrictions in organizing activities and executing projects, define guidelines and priorities for the effective protection , management and recovery of protected species.
  6. Development of a co-mechanism for managing the lake as a management body, equal to a scientific mechanism undertaking the implementation of the management plan.
  7. Purchase, installment and operation of high-tech measurement system and transmitting of quality and quantity water parameters and telemetry (equipment and software).
  8. Implementation of woks and infrastructure development related to the access and the attractiveness of the lake a) construction work next to the lake museum b) construction work in the path along the lake c) improvements in the technical part (overflow canal) facilitating water outflow d) water cleaning activities e) upgrade of lake barrages and software installation for managing them f) construction work improving landscape in the area of lake Museum g) acquisition of two vessels for the cleaning of the lake.
  9. Actions for environmental training, awareness of inhabitants in the eligible area (agriculturists and entrepreneurs), local bodies (administration, personnel) and young people.
  10. Dissemination actions like distribution of brochures, newsletters, press releases, the project webpage, the project logo and slogan and the organization of the final event.